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Missional Marketplace Discipleship

United Harvest Force


Missional Marketplace Discipleship

The Kingdom Business

Establish Identity In Christ and Living The Will of God

Ushering In God’s Kingdom and

Preparing a Steadfast People of God In The Last Days



Intentional Discipleship

Bringing believers into understanding their Identity in Christ

and living the Will of God.

Helping believers to establish themselves as the Temple of God,

living God’s Truth in every aspect of their lives

so that they are steadfast in their Faith for the Last Days

Bringing Unity

John 17:21

Intentional Discipleship

Matthew 28:18-20

Intentional Evangelism

Acts 1:8

Why Missional Marketplace Discipleship?

God’s heartbeat and our inheritance are for the nations

and Believers spend at least 40 hours a week in the marketplace and only a few hours in church

Truth has to be made relevant to them

Seeing God’s Outworking at where they are

Practical Intentional Discipleship


God’s TRUTH is for us to live it out

We Unfold God’s TRUTH into Skills Development

to increase your influence and impact!

We are living in an era of technological advancement.  The ability to adopt technology towards effectiveness is critical.  In order to work effectively and connect with more people, we need to use technology.

Thus applying technology in our Marketplace Intentional Discipleship is part of our strategy to make it more convenient for more believers to be discipled.

With Technology coupled with Training on the Practical Application of the Word of God, we can make a great difference in this challenging time.

There were many Marketplace people who made an impact in society.  One of the famous men was a 12th Century French Cloth Merchant named Peter Waldo (Died 1218), three centuries before Martin Luther was born.

He saw the deviation of the Church that was influenced greatly by pagan teachings and customs, and also the corruption of the paganised Church, and started an Intentional Biblical disciples-making process to bring believers back to the authentic Biblical Teaching.  He was excommunicated by the Catholic Church who accused him of teaching heresy.  Those who agreed with the Biblical teaching he brought to light were persecuted by the Catholic Church for three centuries.  Later, they merged with the Calvinist.

So we can see that people in the Marketplace can be of great influence as Light and Salt to those God has placed around them, and also to bring God’s love to the ends of the Earth.




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New Challenges Await Us:

The world is going through tremendous changes and various challenges are arising. 

The Church plays an important role because you are people with passion to stand in the gap of those challenging issues with solutions. 

With challenges escalating, it calls for wisdom to develop people through applying the Word of God with the use of technology and 21st Century results-based Applied Learning.

The Church Needs To Rise Up United!

Challenges in the World are not solved by professionals but by Change Agents!

Changes Agents are people with PASSION coupled with COMPASSION

Believers Have The Unchanging Word of God That Can Transform Lives!

We Just Need To Collaborate As One Just As Christ Prayed

The Days Are Short and

Remember That The Nations Are Our Inheritance

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